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Nylon Magazine 03/05/2014

Original Post by Nylon on February 14, 2014

Skullphone Nylon

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“We All Gotta Die” Remix by Scientist 02/28/2014

The Crystal Antlers and I created a video for their new single
“We All Gotta Die” (Remix version by the legendary Dub forefather – Scientist). The video was inspired by living in our increasingly toxic & radioactive world – shot by myself, Mary Bell, and Jonny Bell in and around Los Angeles – edited by Forrest Borie.

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Los Angeles Magazine 01/18/2014


Back in 1999, Skullphone wheatpasted his way through Los Angeles and New York. It looks like he’s back—and better than ever.

Original Post by Los Angeles Magazine January 15, 2014

Los Angeles Magazine

Skullphone first appeared in the late 1990s and his eerily prescient image of a skull holding a cellphone became an indelible on city streets. We’ve come a long way technologically; the newest smart phones, with their opportunities to stay constantly connected, are addictive. And it’s only going to get worse. Skullphone called it.

Skullphone is always looking to make a statement. He caused a stir in 2008 when he was thought to have hacked a digital billboard. No one knows what really happened, and that’s part of Skullphone’s mystique. His work has begun showing up again in its most original form, wheatpaste. This may be timed to his limited edition shoe release with Volcom, but we can’t say for certain.

Skullphone is an L.A.-based artist who makes sure to give the East Coast equal love.

On Melrose Avenue just west of Orlando on the way to Alfred Coffee.

Follow Eva Glettner on Instagram as she scopes out L.A.’s finest street art.

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Hypebeast 01/10/2014

Original Post by on January 7, 2014

Skullphone X Volcom

Volcom recently collaborated with LA-based artist Skullphone to produce a special edition shoe. Limited to a production of only 400 pairs, the shoe features an upper crafted out of water-resistant black full-grain leather and a molded Recliner Comfort Foam in-sock. Opting to maintain a more understated appearance, the visual contribution by Skullphone, who gained notoriety during the late ’90s for his iconic graphic, is kept small and tucked away appearing as a single stamp on the heel, printed on the liner and covering the custom printed outsole track.

The shoe is now available for purchase through select Volcom retail outlets in the U.S. and Japan, and online through Volcom’s online store.

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NYC EXCLUSIVE 01/08/2014

Skullphone x Volcom NYC Exclusive

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I#NYC 09/22/2013


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Update from NYC 07/15/2013









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Skullphone X Volcom Footwear 07/11/2013

Skullphone X Volcom Footwear

Skullphone X Volcom Footwear

Skullphone X Volcom Footwear

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Update from NYC 07/10/2013

Update from NYC… Skullphone X Volcom

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SGCNY Interview Series 07/07/2013


Original Post by June 28, 2013



Who: Skullphone

How did your collaboration with Volcom come about ?
Volcom helped produce thousands of socks for my XOS|SOX exhibiton in New York last May and we pretty much designed the Fall ’13 line around that exhibition. It’s insane to think we’ve worked together for over a decade! It’s a good relationship since our ideologies overlap.

I still remember, the first magazine that made an impression on me as a kid
was Taboo magazine arriving in the mail instead of Big Brother mag!

My high school years involved a lot of
battling brain cells

Now I get to work with
Geniuses of course!

I have a crush on

I now live in
too many places!

You have been doing this for a while, it seems like you saw the future of technology addiction before us ??
I’m still waiting to thrift store shop virtually with a drone camera online!

What do you think about social media ? Over saturation or an outlet?
Personally, I loosely enjoy it. I was recently offered to have pictures posted for me off a database but that would take all the fun out of it wouldn’t it? But overall Instagram’s a bitch! & Facebook’s a whore! We are entering an inexcapable box… nice knowing you! :=

Can you compare yourself to a man of the past?
An old man in an undeveloped seaside town with a passionate art practice and dear family.

If you could leave us with one thought, what would it be?
Ever been arrested?

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